• Ryanzha Putra Amalo n
  • Pius Bere Nusa Cendana University
  • Rudepel Petrus Leo Nusa Cendana University


The implementation of imprisonment in Indonesia is currently using a correctional system as
stipulated in Law No. 12 of 1995 on correctional LAW. According to article 2 of Pas LAW, the
correctional system was organized in order to form the correctional community to become the whole
person, aware of the mistakes, repair themselves, and not repeat the criminal act so that it can be
received again by Community environment, can actively play a role in development, and can live
reasonably as a good and responsible citizen. Criminology is a group of science crimes aimed at
gaining knowledge and insight into the symptoms of evil with the path of studying and scientific
analysis of information, uniformity-uniformity , patterns and causal factors related to crime, criminals,
and public reaction to both. The research aims to identify and describe the use of criminological
approaches in the efforts to construct prisoners in the civil society of the women's Correctional
institution III; and obstacles in the effort to construct convicts in the women's Correctional institution
III. The research is an empirical research law, using the technique of interviews with interview data,
questionnaires, and literature/document studies. The results showed that the women's Correctional
institution III Kupang has not used a criminological approach, because there is no officer who is
skilled in collecting the information or inmates concerned in the form of personal, To commit crimes,
or their environment. In the implementation of prisoners ' construction in the Kupang Women's
Institute of Guidance III there are several obstacles, namely: lack of personnel, both quantity and
quality; Limited facility and facilities; Negative stigma of society; Limited funds. It is recommended:
need to be used criminological approach in the effort to construct prisoners; Need to add personnel
who are able to conduct criminological research on inmates in the framework of the prisoners in
question; It is necessary to participate in prisoners ' development efforts, such as not giving bad
stigma to prisoners. Need additional costs in the framework of prisoners ' construction.
Key words: criminology approach, coaching prisoners