CRIMINOGEN BEHAVIOR AS REACTION TO THE EXECUTION OF COURT DECISIONS ON LAND COURT (Case Study of Execution of Land Case in Batuplat Village, Alak District, Kupang City)

  • Justin Rangga Boro Nusa Cendana University
  • Karolus Kopong Medan Nusa Cendana University
  • Umbu L. Pekuwali Nusa Cendana University


Criminogenic behavior arises as a result of the opposite of expected. The problems examined in this
thesis are (1) What is the form of Criminogenic behavior displayed by the community as a reaction to the
rejection of the execution of the Court's decision; (2) Why Criminogenic behavior is displayed by the
community as a form of rejection of the execution of court decisions. This type of research is empirical research,
data collection techniques carried out through interviews and literature studies. Criminogen Research Results
have forms such as deterrence against court officials, physical violence, psychological violence, burning of
residents' houses, still occupying the location of execution, attacking the case winner. The forms of
criminogenic behavior are influenced by several factors such as unclear inheritance factors, factors in how to
obtain land, factors not satisfied with court decisions, environmental factors. The Government of Indonesia is
expected to immediately implement the provisions of article 19 paragraph (2) of the Basic Agrarian Law and
Government Regulation Number 24 of 1997 concerning land registration, by recording physical and juridical
data in the land book, so that it becomes a guideline for law enforcers in completing a matter.
Keywords: criminogen behavior, court decision, land court