ANALYSIS OF JUDGMENT CONSIDERATION OF PROSECUTOR GENERAL PROSECUTORS BASED ON INTERLCUTORY DECISION (Case Study Of The Corruption Court Decision In The Kupang District Court Number: 28/Pid.Sus-TPK/2018/PN.Kpg and Number: 37/Pid.Sus-TPK/2018/PN.Kpg)

  • Gustap Paiyan Maringan Marpaung Nusa Cendana University
  • Aksi Sinurat Nusa Cendana University
  • Saryono Yohanes Nusa Cendana University


The interlocutory verdict is a verdict before the principal examination of the case. In the consideration
of judges for one case with two case numbers, there were two types of interlocutory decisions. The problem
examined in this paper is How is the basis for consideration of the panel of judges rejecting the charges of the
Public Prosecutor based on Interim Decision Number 28/Pid.Sus-TPK/2018/PN.Kpg and Interlocutory verdict
Number37/Pid.Sus-TPK/2018/PN.Kpg Corruption Court at the Kupang District Court? This type of research is a
normative research using a literature study approach.The results of the study found that in imposing a judgment
the judge used a different interpretation of one case with two case register numbers. Therefore it is suggested
that there is a need for coordination and assertiveness among all judges as outlined in the form of a collective
agreement in the case of a verdict so that they do not give space to the prosecutor in the case that the court is
made as a place for achievement.
Keywords: prosecutor's indictment, judge considerations, interim verdict