THE EFFECTIVENESS OF EMPOWERING WOMEN FARMER’S GROUPS IN EFFORTS TO INCREASE FAMILY INCOME (Case Study: Flamboyan Farmer Women's Group in Laenmanen Subdistrict - Malaka District)

  • Josefina Bete Manek Nusa Cendana University
  • Aloysius Liliweri Nusa Cendana University
  • Lenny M. Tamunu Nusa Cendana University


This study describes, analyzes, and interprets the extent of the role of the Peasant Women's Group in
supporting family income in Laenmanen subdistrict, Malaka District. This research is to find out the production
process in the Flamboyan Women Farmer’s Group in Laenmanen subdistrict, Malacca Regency from work
patterns to the distribution process of group results so that they get results in meeting family needs. This study
uses qualitative, primary data collected from various relevant parties or stakeholders. In-depth interviews with
key persons and competent informants were also conducted, while secondary data were used to enrich the
analysis. The results of the study in the Flamboyan Women Farmer’s Group, Laenmanen Sub-District, Malaka
District contributed to empowering the family's standard of living and as a motivator for women in driving
family economic growth.
Keywords: peasant women's group