Beyond Literacy: Enhancing Gerakan Literasi Nasional

  • Januar J. Tell Pennsylvania State University
Keywords: National Literacy Movement, Bloom’s Taxonomy, Higher-order thinking


This paper presents a scholarly response to the ongoing national literacy initiative in Indonesia, known as Gerakan Literasi Nasional, which is implemented in schools as Gerakan Literasi Sekolah. One of the strategies employed under this initiative is the allocation of 15 minutes for reading before the commencement of the first lesson. While this national literacy program holds merit, there is a pressing need to fortify it with an emphasis on fostering critical thinking among students. In this regard, the paper explores the application of Bloom's taxonomy and Questions of Higher-order thinking as a proposed endeavor to enhance students' critical thinking capabilities within their literacy activities at school. By introducing these thought-provoking questions for reading and learning, either through the facilitation of teachers or the active engagement of students, the aim is to nurture creativity, innovation, and problem-solving skills among the students. Through this scholarly exploration, the paper seeks to contribute to the advancement of the Gerakan Literasi Nasional program, bolstering its impact on students' intellectual development and academic growth.