Information For Authors

Focus and Scope:

The Jurnal Geografi is a journal covering all fields of education and science related to geography and the environment. The purpose of writing this journal are to reveal facts, problems and problem solving that can be used as input for Government, institutions, society and individual.The subject matter of the journal includes the following and related issues:

  1. Geography Education and Environment Education, including classroom action research results, experimental research, development research and survey research related to geography education in elementary, junior high, high school and university
  2. The phenomenon of the lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, anthroposphere, and its interaction with the population
  3. The phenomenon of disaster and their impacts to the nature and human
  4. Interaction between society, development and implication for sustainable development
  5. Sustainable use of land, water, energy and biological resources in development
  6. Social and cultural contexts of sustainable development
  7. Role of education and public awareness in sustainable development
  8. Sustainable development

Jurnal Geografi welcomes scientific research papers, review papers and discussion papers dealing with environmental sustainability, geography sciences, and geography education

Publication Frequency:

This journal is published one year twice in September